Every Friday night at the Three Blind Mice has been amazing this winter, but something happened even more interesting this week, we have found the next Idol!

Right here in the beautiful city of Mount Clemens, there is a budding superstar on the horizon. Justin Moussa, sat in and sang several Bob Seager tunes to the absolute delight of the crowd at the Three Blind Mice. We cannot say enough about the professional job that he did, singing those songs. Great stage presence, great tone and articulation. And, he had the crowd eating out of his hand! We can see Justin going as far as he wants to go, with his looks and talent. Remember that you heard it here first.

Justin was not the only one singing with us on Friday night, however, there was another singer who regaled the patrons with his version of “Follow Me“, by Uncle Cracker, to the delight of everyone. And, I cannot forget to mention our two beautiful ladies that sat showed us how a tambourine should be played!

By now, the secret of the upper floor at the Mice is out. While we play downstairs each Friday night, upstairs is another whole vibe. Great musicians in hot groups seem to bring their “A” game each and every week. Playing upstairs is almost like playing in the big “show”; the “Carnegie Hall” of Mount Clemens. Musicians from far and wide vie to be the group on that stage every night, and it shows. The crowd responds, the bands give it their all, and everyone has an amazing night.

This Friday night, one of the crowd pleasing acts from the last few months came back to inject the local fans with more of their special brand of talent and tune. The Orbitsons, took the big stage at The Three Blind Mice, around ten O’clock. Carl and I had a chance to listen to a few songs, and grab a couple pictures to capture the event. Proof positive that if you are looking for great, food, drinks AND entertainment, Mount Clemens has all of that and more at this fine, new venue.

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