So last weekend, Carl and I not only performed Friday night at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, but Saturday too!

Yes, it was STILL winter, but we did all that we could to bring on the heat. To begin each set of the night, we changed into a different Hawaiian shirt. Portraying musical images of warm tropical beaches and moon-lit lagoons, as we shrugged off the cold wintry night. Enough is enough! Everyone is tired of this Polar Vortex, not to mention the unrelenting snowfall. All I can say, is that we did our part. We brought the summer, in almost every song that we played; and, the people responded with a cheer, a shot and a chorus!

We also met a great new star of the Three Blind Mice’s Tuesday night acoustic line-up. Kevin Covert. Great voice, great stage presence and a true connection with his audience. While he was playing, his guitar, for a moment went silent, and neither he nor the people missed a beat. A true pro!IMG_0741

Then came Saturday night, and while still cold, and STILL snowing, we walked in to a packed house of happy, snuggled revelers. We can’t say enough of how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to play every night to a full house of people actually there to ENJOY live music. What a concept!

Upstairs on the main stage was a band called The Laughing Madmen. After listening to them for only a moment, you are rewarded with an earful of crazy-electric infectious musical mayhem. The crowed enjoy every song-bite, as they danced, drank and pumped their fists to the epic night’s musical crescendo!

So, it WAS cold, it WAS snowy; but just like the outside; the INSIDE was unrelentingly warm, musical and hot! We’re off next weekend; but we will see you soon, on The Flip Side!

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