Back at Clancy’s Irish Pub by 1:00, and the crowd had swollen in both size and strength. Cole Cannon, a three piece group was keeping them at bay until we returned, and now was the time to finish what we began on Saturday night.

However, as we played our first of four more sets at the pub, there was much more entertainment ahead for the thirsty revelers.

A young man wowed the patrons with his Modern Manipulations, fire performance. Juggling and otherwise consorting with two frisky fireballs on a leash, as it were. Amazing!

We played another set. And, just like that, there was more entertainment to be had; as the Emerald Isle Dance Society presented a performance by the Goggin-Carroll school of Irish dance. They have danced for several years now on St. Paddy’s day at Clancy’s. Its almost like we have watched a few of the kids grow up right before our eyes. They just get better and better. And now we hear that they have world champion dancers in their group!

After playing our last set; we bid fare-well to Clancy’s. But not before we heard the mournful sounds of some deftly played bagpipes. A fitting end to our time there.

We finished playing, said good-bye to the green eyed partiers and packed our gear up so that we could embark on the last leg of our St. Patrick’s weekend . . .

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