Friday at the Mice, began which a whisper; and ended with a roar, as our night took a roller-coaster ride through every different type of music one could imagine. Irish, country, folk, rock and pop were heard as patrons got their fill of each and every genre.

Its a tribute to our craft, when we are able to meet people ready to leave as we begin playing at eight; but end up staying until midnight, because they are having such an amazing night. Nothing is more rewarding, than when we can make music come alive again to entertain new fans. We are glad they came. We are glad they stayed, and even more happy to see them return; smiling as they renew old aquaintences.

This Friday night upstairs was The Brad Company Band. We try and stop up to listen every night we play, and it is always a pleasure to hear talented musicians, interpreting a musical classic in their own way.

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