The weather was picture perfect for a fourth to never forget.  Ah, to be a kid at Great Oaks Country Club on the 4th of July would be something that you would never forget.  The water, the food the music . . .

We certainly didn’t take things for granted, and we have played here for twenty years!

Nothing can beat a setting like this, as we set up pool-side and spend the first part of the day playing to all of the members.  Everything we plays seems to resonate today; hitting all the high notes in people’s memories.  Country, folk, pop and classic rock fill the air, as party goers groove to a summer setting, ripe with family fun.

This is one gig that we never have taken for granted.  Perfect setting, great staff and families that we have practically grown up with over the years.

We will be back on Labor day, and for now at least; it seems far off.  Although, I know that it will be here before we know it.

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