So its Labour Day weekend . . .and if you are an self-respecting Michigander, you realize that the precious few summer days are coming to a close.  Time to grab every last moment and hold it as tightly as possible until someone throws a football in your direction.

Well on this Friday night, that has already transpired.  Baseball was on the TV; but it was also time to usher in the new college football season, with “Sparty” looking quite impressive at their home opener.

Time does march on; season after season.  But, some things remain classics for our entire lives; transcending days, seasons and even years themselves.  Those are the types of songs that Carl and I have always tried to keep in our repertoire.  Classics that stand the test of time and talent.  (or, in OUR case . . . lack of talent.)

We play many different styles of music: rock, pop, country, folk and Irish, but in each case we play what we consider to be “classics” from those styles.  Songs that everyone has etched into their memories at some point; just waiting to be unlocked and shared one more time.

Tonight, we met lots of  happy people, trying like we were, to hold on to one more glimmering summer night.  Smiles and laughter; good food and plentiful drink helped unlock many of those special memories for everyone to enjoy.

Two happy couples especially helped us share a night full of favorite songs, as the laughter and merriment spilled forth like ale from the bountiful casks here at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens Michigan.  What a grand time we had with them.  Although, it really wasn’t too terribly difficult to turn a night with them into fun; (they kind of supply it on their own.)  Thanks again nevertheless for keeping us going, just when our fuel was waning.

On another musical note: we learned that both Meghan AND Morgan, two of the incredible members of the Three Blind Mice wait staff are moving on to great things in IMG_4745their personal lives.  Morgan is one of the hardest working gals we have ever known.  She is so warm and down to earth that she made us feel at home from the very first day, nearly a year ago.  Morgan is moving on to an management position at a new establishment in Detroit: HopCat.  We wish her well, and hope that she comes to visit us once she conquers Detroit’s thirst for good drink and cool cats.

And then there was Meghan, with her beautiful smile and unbridled energy.  Leaving to go in a totally different direction.  She will begin a new career as a . . . .  WELDER!


Carl and I are pretty sure that the last time we saw a beautiful woman who was also a welder, she was pulling a chain to pour water on herself in Flashdance!

We have known Meghan since she began as a waitress at Kokomos restaurant back in the 90’s, so we are taking this parting very hard.  She was always there with a smile and drink and wonderful incite and enthusiasm for her job.  She will be sorely missed; but we wish her well in this new adventure in her life.

One great thing about TTBMIP, is the pool of talented musicians that line up to  entertain on a nightly basis.  On this particular Friday night, talent was indeed on display as one of the premier acts who frequent the pub held court not he big stage upstairs.

The incomparable Orbitsuns were electrifying the crowd upstairs, where a totally different vibe exists.  Like some bizarre parallel universe: downstairs we play happy, up-beat, sing-a-long music of many styles; while upstairs . . . . ANYTHING goes!

The Orbitsuns Play inspired originals fused with wry wit and irreverent pathos; or on the very next up-beat, challenge us to revisit overlooked favorites as they put their unique stamp on any classic rock, pop or rock-a-billy song that comes into their musical cross-hairs.  What comes out is double-barrel, beach-wood aged, well written crafted and interpreted music; injected with immortal cool!

On this night, seasons held no sway over music.  Timeless classics are just that; and nothing will ever change that. That is what we do on Friday nights; unlock memories and make more, no matter what the calendar says.

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