Any musician who has played for some time will tell you that for the most part, there is no rhyme or reason for any night being magical, or on the other hand, completely forgettable.  There is no mathematic formula or wizard’s potion to administer patrons so that they will experience an incredible evening.  That would be wonderful if it were so; but alas, we haven’t found it yet.

All we can ever do are the few simple things that hopefully will allow people to have the enjoyable night they were expecting when they came through those doors.

Rule #1.
Don’t be boring.

People can get that anywhere.  Entertaining people is a gift that not many folks cannot do.  Your attitude should reflect that fact.  Do something that engages the audience and draws them in.  Once you have their attention and better yet their loyalty; they will give you what you surely need: an outlet for your creativity.

Be professional.

Show up early.  Set up – get comfortable.  Understand the venue, the patrons and the music.  Know who frequents the establishment, and what they are looking for in entertainment.  Dress professionally, (not like you are doing a brake job on your truck).  Look like you care about your appearance.  Start on time.  (so many bands take forever setting up and or strolling around the stage as if they are doing the audience a favor by beginning in the first place.)

Learn your craft.  Have the right equipment that will enhance your sound; not detract from it.  Do not take advantage of your venire or your audience: play more than you break.  A LOT more.  (everyone has gone to a bar where the band takes seemingly endless breaks).  No-one likes that, so don’t even think about it.  After all, playing is why you are there; not sitting.  Work hard, this is not easy.  Understand, if you give maximum effort and do everything as right as you can, it will look easy.

Rule #3.
Enjoy what you are doing.

It may not be easy, but it is defiantly not a job.  Entertaining people should be a joy in your life.  Treat it as such.  If you are having a good time, so too will your audience.  That is usually what they are there for.  Remember that people are making an effort to frequent an establishment where they hope to have a good time.  Don’t ruin it for them with your ego or petty agenda.  People want to relax, unwind and forget about their troubles and responsibilities for a while; that is why they have come to you.  Treat that choice with the reverence that it deserves.

Rule #4.
It is always about the music.

That is the biggest failure that professional entertainers succumb to.  After a while, they believe that it is all about them.  They eventually lose track of what got them to be professionals in the first place: the music.

The music is why you are there.  It is why you learned to play in the first place.  The music made that connection with you.  You may believe that it was something else, but it is not.  It is always about the music.  Listen to it.  Learn it right, completely and wholly.  Do not take liberties with it.  It IS that connection with you, and is the connection with your audience.  The music is what draws them in, and what drew you in the first place.

Good songs contain emotion, drama, spirituality, history, energy and soul all wrapped in three chords of rock ‘n’ roll.  There is a reason that they have stood the test of time.  These songs bear the essence of people’s hopes and dreams; likes and dislikes.  These well-crafted pieces of music contain the actual DNA of the artist who sacrificed to create them.  They gave everything they had, and if done right, will attain immortality.

Be true to the artist that sacrificed for you and your audience.  It is the best homage you can give.

Music is the language that your audience breathes and speaks.  Music lovers crave music in their best of times and need it in their worst.  How it effects them on the night that they visit you is totally in your hands.  Understand that, above all else.

Entertaining is not rocket science. But if you use these simple tenants, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.


Requests after request . . .

. . . engaged everyone right from the start on this 3rd day of October in 2014.  It was loud even before we struck a chord, and it just took off from there.

On this Friday night at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mt. Clemens, we began at 7:00 to a nearly full house of happy people.  (most were happy, even after this afternoon’s Tiger loss).

Table after table of new friends and old, made this night very special.  We love the kindness that people exhibit in this pub.  So many people take the time to tell us how much they enjoy their experience that it is truly gratifying.

Carl and I entertained downstairs, while upstairs, Rock’ It Science was knocking out all the rock classics that their fans needed to hear.  It was a very good evening.

On nights like this we can be proud of the job that we do.  We make people forget their troubles and fears.  It is simple really; not science.  We play songs that connect with people.  And in doing so, create memories that live forever.

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