There is no possible explanation as to why intelligent people would venture out in weather that could potentially endanger their lives.

Then again . . . who cares, we sure were glad that they did!

On a frigid Friday evening, at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, in the dead of winter; we had one of the most memorable nights ever.  Yes, it was cold.  Yes, it was dark and gusty and wind-chilly.  But, none of that mattered.

When we took up guitars at 7:00 Pm, it was busy.
Shortly after, it was full.
And, as the night progressed, it got busier and busier!

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but we love playing to a packed house.  Not just because it is full of happy people, but because of the interaction between us and the audience.  Every person or party to walk through the door was another validation of our hard work and effort.  As both Carl and I expressed to different patrons, it is the people, who appreciate what we do, that keeps us entertaining.

On this particular night, we had the great fortune to meet several groups of wonderful people; each one reveling in their quest to journey, “Outside!”

These people were hardy folk.  No pansies or prima donnas in this lot.  They came early and they stayed late; possibly because of the libations, the cuisine, or . . . . maybe the music?

Hmmmmmmm . . .

On this frost-bitten Friday, the people were so warm and accommodating, that it renewed our joy for playing.  All in one night.

Some timeless friends and their families were on hand; as well as some wonderful new friends who spend most of the night, requesting treasured music from our pasts.

It surly goes without saying that when patrons, who come in to have some food and drink; but then stay the entire night; it gives us great pleasure.  There is undoubtedly something very satisfying about people happily appreciating our craft.

Yes, it was packed all right.  People were smiling, singing, eating, drinking and Karaokeing?

Right in the middle of our night; one of the many, many revelers walked right up and grabbed the mic; declaring that “He would sing!”  And, sing, he did!  After announcing his name to the crowd; One Day Joe, he did grab the mic to thrill everyone with a jaunty rendition of “Friends in low places“.

As if that wasn’t the high point of the evening, guests at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub actually witnessed lightning striking twice.  Twice.  After hearing the first few bars of his beloved, “Every rose has it’s thorn“,Nate joined the band.  Guess he just couldn’t help himself.  Can you blame him?

I believe that something magical happens when one the crowd joins us onstage to take part in a song.  For one thing, it never fails to electrify the room, since the people seem to experience a thrill, vicariously through one of their own taking hold of the mic.

Nate was truly awesome.  All we had to do was add some harmonies, and the rest was pure, Bob and Carl magic.

Meanwhile, upstairs, O.C.D. was rumored to be entertaining.  However, every time I had a chance to journey upstairs, what I saw was 1,000 bikers enjoying what its like to simply be alive.  (Led by, One Day Joe, I imagine).  Can you blame them?

If ever cold was hot at the same time, it surly was on this very night.

Scientists who have been long searching in vain for the Holy Grail of energy: Cold Fusion, might only need to grab a table at the Three Blind Mice;  order a cold Lager, some chips and settle in for a night of revelry and song.  Apparently, it is all you need to generate energy and enduring memories that never end.


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