Weekends at the Three Blind Mice, in Mount Clemens Michigan are simply the best.  Really doesn’t matter if it Friday, or Saturday.  And, from what I hear, the Sunday brunch is amazing too.

So when we got the call about this weekend, to switch from Friday night to Saturday, we were not disappointed in the least.  They are both good.  For years Carl and I have worked Friday nights at most places.  It just seems to suit us.  I think that we have always felt a more symbiotic relationship with Fridays, because we were both “working men”.

Fridays to us have always been about working hard, playing hard and enjoying hard. The people that come in, always seem to be trying to shake off the mantle of the long work-week.  They have labored un mercilessly, and now were ready to be entertained and unwound.

We get that.  We admire that.

That has always been what we have been about.  We never play to show off; or to try and impress.  We are there to help people relax, re-new and replenish.

On Friday night this weekend, the “Mice” will welcome back our great friend Shelby Hansen to the lower level.  Always entertaining, always talented, ALWAYS unpredictable.

Friday night will be amazing, for sure.

And, we will be there Saturday night.  We played a few weekends ago on a  Saturday night, and it was very, very memorable.  A good time to be had by everyone.

We are looking forward to a fun night, so mark your calendars.  (Ok, re-mark your calendars then). Sheesh.

Cya at the Mice!



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