Taking our show on the road again this past Saturday had us back in the friendly confines of the Green lantern in Clinton Twp., Michigan.

Since the room was full we began early to the delight of the merry diners who were enjoying their well earned night out.

We started as we usually do on this evening, playing some easy-listening favorites that do more to soothe peoples’ tension and stress more than anything else.  Keeping it quiet and lite, tend to give patrons a chance to adjust to the changing volume and attention levels a bit more easily.

Whereas, blasting out music, (like many other bands tend to), is not really smart when your goal is to gather people, not disperse them.  (although over the years, we have become experts at both).  It can be a very difficult tight-rope to walk some nights, as you need to be energetic and exciting, yet calm and reserved.

Having played a few nights now at this family restaurant, we have chatted with many wonderful people.  They have taken time to let us know how they appreciated our music and musicianship.  Very kind words, indeed.

Beyond that, I need to mention how kind we have been treated by the staff at The Green Lantern.  Outstanding on every level.  At this stage of our careers, we find it very rewarding to have people treat us so kind.  (A thing that has not happened many times over the last 40 years).

Saturday night was a good night at the start, then dwindled as the night evolved.  On the first real warm weekend, it was inevitable that out-door cookouts and barbecue parties would cut into our entertaining.  We will just roll with it, and hope for bigger turnout next time.

Click on the pictures of the many people whom we had the great fortune of spending our night with.  Hope to see them again soon!


IMG_7645 IMG_7646 IMG_7647 IMG_7643

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