From the moment that you arrive at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Twp. Michigan, it becomes quickly apparent that these people are all about having a seriously good time!

If that is a problem, better just get out of their way.  They don’t need amateurs mucking things up.

And so it was on Saturday, September 2, 2015 at 6:00 when the first song dropped.

It was busy, and soon get packed.  A great problem to have. No problem, at all.

We had a great time right from the beginning on Friday night, and pretty much everyone else did as well.

We know by now that boaters are there to have fun.  You would have to really try hard to ruin their party, and we didn’t.

We lit the fire, and they kept throwing more and more fuel on it.  The numbers of people at Bumper’s Swelled by ten o’clock.  All of them smiling and singing and drinking and laughing.  It was a party all right; and somehow, we were partly to blame.

Request after request was rattled off.  And, if for some reason we couldn’t handle it; we sent them to DJ Jimmy-Jam, who hurled it right back in their direction.

Night two of this amazing Labor Day weekend in the books.  And what a book it was turning out to be.

As eleven o’clock approached, we turned the dance floor over to the DJ.  We bumped up the jamz, and DJ Jimmy-Jam took it from there.


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