Great Oaks.

Great Rain.

Great Party!

Ok, you might be detecting a theme here, and that’s ok.  Carl and I are enjoying this summer so much that it is truly impossible to damper our spirits, even a bit.

It seems like each and every show we play has something special about it, to make it truly memorable.  This show was no exception.

We arrived at The Great Oaks Country Club about an hour before we played.  (our typical time), that is.  However, the time was wrong, and we were there two hours before the show.

Not a problem.  Unless, we would be caught in an torrential downpour, that would unleash a tidal wave of water on our equipment.

Ok, check that box.

Luckily, it happened an hour before the show, and not during the show.  That is never fun.

We had time to dry things off, re-arrainge and re-setup everything and get it ready in time to play.  And, play, we did!

It was a quiet, subdued crowd of golf tournament participants.  Couples whom had played all day, and are ready to have a sumptuous meal-by-the-pool and unwind.

Our job was to make it all tropical, all smooth and all nice.  We can do that.  After all, now that the rain subsided, we could do almost anything.

And, so we did.  We played four hours of warm breezes and ocean surf.  The sun set on the wonderful evening, but not before we lit the torches with our hot, summer sounds.

Another amazing memory.  Another great evening.  Another rainy day, conquered.


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