Never dull at Bumper’s.

That is our mantra when we are referring to Bumper’s Landing, in sunny Harrison Twp.

Just last Saturday evening Carl and I got a refresher course in just how true that phrase is.

As the sky darkened and the threat of rain urged us to make the decision on where to set up for the evening, we looked at the radar map, up at the sky, closed our eyes and wished for devine guidance.

That was about all we could do to plan for a night of music and fun at this happenin’ place.

Just as the sun broke out and washed then entire riverside in golden warmth, we retreated inside to set up our equipment.  Better to be safe than sorry when trying to protect expensive musical gear.  We have had several instances where we have made the wrong decision, or simply reacted too late, and paid the price.

So we set up inside, just as the tables were filling outside along the water.  Tough to look outside and see everyone awash in sunshine, while we were preparing for rain.

We began at six O’clock, just as the raindrops began falling on the boardwalk in earnest.

As the room began to fill, we were informed that the Fraser class of 1991 was also going to be in the house, celebrating their fifteen year reunion.  Add that to a birthday party, and each of the boats in the area looking for safe harbor and you can see what fun was awaiting us.

Never dull at Bumper’s.

We began a little on the mellow side, let people get acclimated to the volume of the room.  Then, as the requested began rolling in, we let out the gas a little bit more with some young and old country tunes.  Everyone in this area seems to really enjoy the country favorites.   Johnny Cash, Elvis and Garth Brooks, to name a few.

After the first hour, we had a few moments to chat with the patrons.  While Carl talked with some friends of neighbors, I chatted with some people from the class of 91.

It began to get very busy inside about halfway through the evening.  About the very same time that it got hot, the music started to really roll.  We trotted out the dance anthems, and dance, they did!

The floor was filled to overflowing as the tempo and volume escalated toward the end of our night; the moment when DJ Aaron took over.

We had a great time, yet again at Bumper’s.  Never dull, nope.

It will be another week until we are back again.  I am confident that no matter what, rain or shine, there will be more fun to be had.

The only thing that we know for sure, is that you really don’t want to miss it!


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