In a summer filled with many great moments and memories, none have stood out more than our time at Bumper’s Landing.

Still not a destination many people that aren’t boaters know with complete familiarity; for us, Bumper’s has been that “special” place this summer.

Since its our second season there, we have kind of settled in a bit more.  (If that is even a thing.)

I guess, even though I have stated several times that the one thing we can always count on about Bumper’s is that we literally have no idea what is going to happen on any given night; we can at the very least expect the un-expected.

So, that being said, Carl and I approached our Friday/Saturday weekend musical opportunity at Bumper’s with no expectations, other than, it wasn’t going to be dull.

It is rare that we have an entire weekend at one venue, so we were out to make the most of it.  Beginning like any normal summer day near the water, this day was even nicer than most.  Perfect weather.  A little hotter than most days, but a real gem, in the making.

Carl and I set up just as the boats began coming in for the evening.

Within moments of six O’clock arriving, we started the evening with our usual Jimmy Buffett tribute.  Buffett is the perfect starting point for most of our summer gigs.  Calming and straight forward.  A good way to grab people’s attention and reel them in for the night.  Jimmy Buffett is a great way to connect with the audience.  His appeal crosses most lines and demographics.

Our evening grew and grew until a crescendo during our last set of the night.  The evening was a whirlwind of craziness and chaos.  The weather being perfect for August was partly the catalyst; however, the venue is mostly what gets everyone going.

Partly destination, mostly comfortable atmosphere.

Boaters know by now, there is really only one place to be near the water in this neck of the woods: Bumper;s Landing.  Just sayin’.

So the night being what it was, pretty much perfect, played right into our hands.  Everyone had a drink in their hands, a song in their heart and a smile on their face.

Friday evening ended up just that way.  Lots of customers came up to Carl and I and told us what a wonderful night they had.  Our job was done, for a few hours, that is.

Saturday began a little differently.  Once again, the skies threatened and once again we needed to make the determination of where we were going to play; inside or outside.

That decision took care of itself as the clouds opened up on us, just as we were pulling up to unload.

Moving inside was interesting at least; there was a group of singers currently occupying the room, singing their hearts out to all the great karaoke hits from the last twenty years.  (All the songs that we usually are playing).  Nothing wrong with that, they sure were having fun.

It didn’t take much to light that fire when we eventually were all set up and ready to entertain.  All we needed to do was to start up where they left off.  They did, and we did.

Before you knew it, the rain was done outside, and we were just hitting our side inside.  Lots of great couples and groups sharing their evening with us.  They even provided a world-class tambourine player, who banged that beast so relentlessly, she broke it apart.

Another memorable night for all of us.  No matter what, it is never dull there.

We only wonder what will happen the next time we roll up and play.  Doesn’t matter, it will all be good.  The summer is flying by, but not the fun.  Fun doesn’t live in only one season.

We are saying good by to the summer Bump, and hello to sweet September.


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