Having been gone almost two months sometimes makes it seem like an eternity.  And, then in some ways, it seems like just yesterday.

We always feel at home at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.  We have from the very first time we entertained there, four years ago.  Something about the venerable nature of the historic venue that just speaks to us.

Walking through the doors again made us smile in the first place.  Then, when we were lucky enough to see the wonderful staff again, it was made even more rewarding.

Being welcome when you walk through the doors is a great feeling.

We began the night as we do most nights, with a little Jimmy Buffett.  The perfect choice, since most patrons at the pub probably don’t come there to hear Mancini.

The night began well, with us getting the chance to chat with folks between sets to mine them for their favorite suggestions.  We had a pretty good experience in machine them all up with our versions of each.

Upstairs the Orbitsuns were doing their version of stomp the band.  Not really doing requests, as it’s not their thing.  They are a great show-band with the lead singer a longtime member of Sponge.  They have a very professional sound that grabs the patrons and rarely let’s them go.

Finishing the night up in great style, we hardly missed beat as the clocked ticked its’ way to 1:00 am.

It was another fun night at the Mice.  So many great songs, so little time.



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