Just when Carl and I needed a really enjoyable evening, one stopped by to say, “Hello!”.

Last Friday night at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens was very enjoyable from start to finish.  Time for  people to come out of their winter hibernation for good and soak up and savor the spring.  We were ready and waiting for them, with food, song and ale.

What more could anyone need.  How about great service as well?  Ok, well that is a given at the Mice.  The girls work so hard to take care of everyone there, I just can’t forget to give them the credit they deserve.

There seemed a great deal of energy in the building right for the start, as there was still a few groups of Tiger opening-day revelers in the house.

It was up to us to match that level of excitement right out of the gate, and we did a pretty good job of it.  Song after song poured right out of us, as the first set grew into a mini-concert.  After the first hour of music was in the books, we had the opportunity of greeting our good friends who have supported us throughout the winter months.

Nothing compares with being able to share our evening of entertaining with good people who love music and the process of sharing it.

Set one melted into set two with ease, and before we knew it, we were well into an evening that flowed from one great request to the next.

The band upstairs, Paper Covers Rock was hammering out the hits to another enthusiastic crowd.  The faces on the upper floor reflected the fun atmosphere we have come to expect from this hard working band.

I have to say one more time how lucky we are as Michiganians.  The music in this state is like no other.  There are some deep, deep musical roots here; nourished by the gritty, hard working souls who built this incredible state.

You see so many bands of hardworking, talented artists, eager to share their incredible talent with a thirsty population.  Just a pleasure to be part of it.

The night melded from one set to another, one group to another and one hour to another.  I’ll say this . . . people come in happy and leave contented.  Great place, the Mice.  Gotta get here if you haven’t made it a priority.

Come on by, and you have a great food, drink and song awaiting!



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