Not that it ever went anywhere; Bumper’s Landing in lovely Harrison Twp. is back with a vengeance.  Lats Saturday afternoon, Carl and I set up for our summer on the water tour that is the Bumper’s Landing gazebo.  And if last week was any indication, it will be better than ever this summer!

Iv’e probably said it a hundred times by now; but boaters are the happiest people in the world.

So, playing music for them is a lot more of a joy than it is any kind of work.  That being said, we do our bets to work hard when we are on stage there.

All that music just doesn’t happen by accident.  We get there early, take our time carefully setting up, and begin on time.  We try to craft long enjoyable sets and minimize our break times.

Even during our breaks, Carl and I try and talk to our audience and listen to their requests and advice.  This connects us and tunes us in more closely to whatever vibe them may be feeling.

Several of our good friends were also on hand to share our night with us.  That always makes things ever more fun and enjoyable.  Props to Freddy Fox, Dino Ciccarelli and our great friend Sam from the Mice for the good times, laughter and advice.

It’s going to be an epic summer, we can simply feel it!


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