So close, and yet, so far.

That would just about describe our Bumper’s experience last Saturday night.

The goal after all, was to celebrate the grand re-openiong of the Tiki bar.  Anything short of that, would mean that summer, was still waiting in the wings.

Everyone was more than ready to kick of our summer season.  Everyone, except Mother Nature herself.  Apparently she decided to throw one more cold-wave our way, just to let everyone know who’s really in charge around here.

So the weather was cool.  Fine, that almost never happens in Michigan.

You’re forgetting that boaters can roll with anything.  These boat people are hearty.  And, happy!

I don’t think that it really matters where the party is; inside or outside.  As long as the party exists, they will be there.

Looking at these photos from that night will show how content these patrons really are.  They do not worry about anything.  That in of itself is a great feeling.

When the Tiki bar is open and summer is in full force, the only difference will be the location of the party.

And that location will be Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Township!

Rain or shine, see you there!


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