Well, you get the reference, hopefully.

All the unrest and turmoil that the French have come to associate with Bastille Day was nowhere to be found by the water in Harrison township Michigan on this particular, amazing day.


Its was a very pleasant afternoon as we took the pavilion at Bumper’s Landing.  Hot, but nice.  It was fun and upbeat, with everyone in great spirits, looking forward to an impending night of musical enjoyment.  Too bad it was us they we’re listening to!

So the summer night was in full swing with lots of drinking, eating and relaxing to be had.  There were even those that wanted to dance, of all things!

Why not.

We could arrange that.  It was apparent that both Carl and I were in a bit of an eclectic mood, as the crowd and the weather conspired to turn up our creativity nob to eleven.

There we’re all sorts of songs that we treasure and only pull out when we believe that the people we are playing for would appreciate them.  Most of the time, the patrons want to hear a certain kind of music that is expected.  Like, “boat” music.  We get that most of the time, that genre goes over very well with the nautical type.  That being said, there are times when we want to be a little selfish, and do some songs that we really enjoy playing.

Songs like, Galway Girl, Big Iron or even Into The Mystic.  We love these songs.  Although we treasure them, they my not be for everyone, or even every venue that we entertain at.

So it was that kind of a night.  We balanced requests with some songs that we really wanted to play for ourselves and made it a perfectly eclectic musical evening.

Great friends, lots of family and even meeting one or two new people cast a perfect spell on this enchanted evening.

By the water, with drinks aplenty and guitars at the ready.  That’s how you spend any day you can get your hands on.  Although we weren’t doing anything that would provoke the French Foreign Legion to throw us into the Bastille to rot, we were pretty devil-may-care with our last set song selection.

Who knows, if playing music badly was a crime, we could be arrested and wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

But not tonight.  Tonight, we had almost everything we could ever want; including our  FREEDOM!


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