Some venues we entertain at garner most of their business only in certain seasons.

Ok, I’ll explain . . .

Take an apple orchard for example.  As wonderful and enjoyable as it can be in the fall or summer, there are times when a trip to visit it would not bare much fruit.

Showing up at the beach in November would make just about as much sense.  Don’t even get me started about a golf course in January, the ski slopes in July or even a visit to Santa’s Workshop in May.

While all of these destinations are seasonal, some things we enjoy are seemingly timeless.  Season-less, if you get my meaning.

  has become one such place.

While most people think about relaxing and drinking by the water only as the summer sun bakes all their troubles away, this bar is always open and exciting, twelve months of the year.

Some weekends are busier than others, but for the most part, this party is going on three hundred and sixty some days a year.

“How do they do it?” you might ask.

It’s not really a secret.  It’s become a destination.

Great location on the water, fun atmosphere, a sports bar, but a with bit more.  They provide all the amenities that any good time would need to thrive.

The food, the drinks, the excitement.

More than anything though, the staff at Bumper’s is what keeps people coming back, we believe.

They work hard for each and every customer that walks through that door.  That, more than anything is what has people coming back time after time, no matter what day the calendar proclaims.

They do the work, and we try and help people have fun.  Everything else just falls into place at that point.

That’s why Carl and I still enjoy going there to play even when the weather is snowy and the wind is whipping the temperature into submission.

When we came in to set up last Saturday, we walked in on Dylan’s first birthday party.  By now, this boy is a legend at Bumper’s and will most likely remain so for the rest of his days.  He’s just got that kind of a vibe about him.  You know when you meet someone, and there is just something about them?  Well, this little guy has it, and in spades!

So there was that, and lots of happy people everywhere we looked.

They stayed as we set up, they stayed as we began to entertain, and mostly stayed all night long.  Happy and drinking and eating as they enjoyed their conversations and their relaxation.

We kept the night humming.

One thing that I have said, over and over again about Bumper’s is that it’s never dull.  We mostly go into it not knowing what is going to happen that day or night, and it never disappoints.

We played our usual music and dusted off a few of the songs that we don’t usually get a chance to play.  That’s always fun for us.

We saw plenty of familiar faces, and met some new ones.  It was a good night.

Each season in Michigan brings us a new challenge.

The spring is so busy.  The summer has its fish-flies.  The fall can be friend or foe depending on the whims of the weather, (Just as the crew Edmund Fitzgerald), and the winters up north can be brutal.  However, we deal with them because we know that better days are right around the corner.

I believe that mostly what people frequent Bumper’s Landing for, is not the alcohol; it’s the good people that provide it.  They make each and every season enjoyable.

We’ll be back soon, and understand that whatever is in store for us, it will be something different, to be sure.

‘Tis the season!



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