Saturday night was bone chilling, in more ways than one!

The Bumper’s Landing Halloween Party had to be moved up this year, to allow for some seawall work to be done in October.  That meant the annual fright-fest would be on the last weekend of September. (September 28th, to be blunt)

The trouble with that is the pesky Michigan weather does not always cooperate.  Case in point; when Carl and I arrived at Bumper’s Landing around 5:00, it was in the 60’s temperature wise, and dropping.  The skies were dark grey and threatening a scary rainstorm.  As it happened, none was forthcoming, and yet the weather was dismal enough to keep many potential party-goers in their humble abodes.

Undeterred by the gloomy outlook we chose to set up outside and brave the elements.  We were scheduled to entertain from 6 to 11:00 Pm, and somehow were confident that we would make it through the night without being drenched.

We held out as long as we could to determine if the clouds would open up or not, but eventually began our setup.

One thing we noticed right away, though there weren’t  many patrons at the Tiki Bar as of yet, the ones that were there all were having a great time.  Consequently, the staff at Bumper’s were having a blast as well.  I think it just might be contagious; like a deadly virus!

It was pretty dreary outside, but everyone was working as hard as they could to fight off the dire feeling and put on a scary face.

Our opening set of music was laced with Halloween favorites throughout.

One might of thought that it was indeed the Season Of The Witch, after surviving our first song.  Donovan himself would find no reason to roll over in his grave after hearing it.  (Well, technically, he’s not dead.)

We did several more creepy hits during our first set.  One of the best was our version of, I Put A Spell On You!  

Ghastly! was the response from the tomb of the Tiki hut.

During our first exploration of the night, we saw several costumes that were a lot less gruesome than in past years.  It appears as though, people were going with better themed outfits than just relying on sex and gore.

I guess there’s always next year!

Our eyes beheld the eerie sight of creepy cowgirls, an unsettling woman-man; and three blind mice.  (who’s job it was get everyone drinks).

There were ladies of the night, creatures of the night and even knights of the round table. (or, long bar in this case.).

We witnessed beaus with fros, striking a jaunty pose while sipping their Stroh’s.

There was an old man with a young woman, a young man with a ferocious cougar and we even ran into Daddy’s lil’ monster!

There were angels, demons, dragons and queens all being examined closely by two mad scientists of little or no actual moral character.

Ah, we love Halloween!

Our second set was more dance oriented, since everyone was doing what they could to keep warm.  It wasn’t that cold (around 52), but with the wind bellowing, it sent a chill through the dockside revelers, like a lost night on the moors.

Inside was getting busier as well, as the darkness seemed to call all spooks and ghosts to come a gobblin’ some grisly grub.

Peeps were terrorizing each other and scaring themselves out of their wits, (and that was just with their dance moves).

As the night wore on, the heartiest demons braved the elements and turned the night into another bloodcurdling Bumper’s memory.

We blasted our last few songs loud enough to wake the dead, or at the very least rattle their graves!

They may limp a bit, dress funny, have a lot of scars and extra teeth, but these zombies, spooks and lost souls still know how to have a wicked good time!

Once again we need to tip our hats to the frightful staff at Bumper’s, for working so diligently to make sure that all of their wonderful customers could have such a great time.

The grim reaper himself couldn’t kill this party!


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