Living again - June, 2022

It was still very cool this spring; like winter would never let go of our souls; no matter how hard we tried.  Cool, wet but drama free, actually.  There were signs of a new season perched on the horizon, and then again, just as quickly, they were gone.  To say that more than once we were frustrated wouldn’t be an exaggeration; and yet, hope was never far away . . .

Suddenly, spring gave way to summer, and all at once, and it was glorious!

After so, so long our normality was back.  We could breathe again. We could sing again, we could live again.  And live we did!

Like the Munchkins from the Wizard Of Oz, everyone seemed to peek outside, gather their courage for a moment and then venture out to begin truly living once again.  We ventured out too!

Carl and I played some new venues in June, and made some wonderful memories in the process.  Wherever we ended up, we seemed to find more smiles and, “That you!s” along the way.  (Music never fails to make that connection if you play it right).

A huge part of the reason that people were feeling a greater sense of normalcy is their ability to return to places that they feel were comfortable.  Places they felt were like home.  (it kind of makes them feel normal again).

We were asked to entertain that The Beach Market in Charlotte Michigan.  It was a very long drive, but very interesting to play.  Folks were absolutely appreciative of our effort and how long we traveled to entertain them.  Lots of fun!

Of course we played several Saturday’s at Bumper’s Landing, Harrison Township.  What can we say that hasn’t been said by now?  Any given Saturday is a lot of work, but so rewarding.  We now have reached a new level lof comfort in playing Bumper’s  that we simply have never felt before.  It actually makes us even more conscious of ever minute detail of how the place runs and operates.  We are dialed in, and it makes us even better, I believe.

In June we also had the good fortune to return to the Country Club Of Lansing.  So beautiful, so relaxing and so enjoyable.  The journey is long, but the rewards are well worth it.  Actually we have been entertaining at country clubs for nearly fifty years now.  Look how beautifully maintained this venue is.  We are so lucky to be asked back.

I have taken many phots over the years.  I try to gather some quality shots at every event we play.  My goal is to tell the story with pictures as well as music, if I can.

In all honesty, I was very reluctant to approach people during the pandemic.  First of all I didn’t want to invade their space.  I didn’t wish to startle them.  In all actuality, pictures taken from a distance are just not what we need to tell out story when we play for people.  It’s that same connection that engaged people with music, that I feel I have to have when using my camera.  I am only now just feeling comfortable again putting people on the spot enough to capture their evening out for posterity.  

Some things may work online, with FaceTime or even Zoom, but to really connect in a meaningful way, you need to be right there with them.  That is the part that you miss most of all, that connection that reaffirms how you have finally reached someone and made them feel things they can only feel with you.  Nothing can take the place of real honest contact, connection and emotions.

June was awesome, and it gave us so much hope that the summer would be everything we could hope for!  I only wish that you were part of it.