On a summer’s night in August, there are so many choices; and this particular weekend was a perfect example.  There was the Woodward Dream Cruise, the “Cheeseburger-In-Paradise” weekend in Caseville, and the Armada Fair, just to name a few.  Now, throw in big Tiger and Lions games on the television, and it gives folks even more reason to not go out on the town.  So when people with so many other choices make a point to share their weekend with us at the Three Blind Mice in Mount Clemens; it means even more.

Such was the case on Friday night, when the Mice was rockin’ upstairs, downstairs and all around the patio.  There were birthday parties, gatherings and graduation attendees, all sharing a drink, a laugh and a song.

We hold summer in Michigan in high esteem, and for good reason.  This last brutal winter illustrated once again just how precious those warm, wonderful days can be; and we don’t want to waste even one of them.

With the weather a little cool, we decided to play inside under the shadow of the big barrels.  That being said; playing inside offers us a more intimate experience.  A better chance for us to interact with the customers, as we play their favorites through the evening.

Upstairs, the tradition of fine musicians and bands continued with a visit to the big stage by a group called PUNCH,  who blasted out their version of many well-crafted favorites.

By night’s end, there were calls for encores, which sent everyone home with smiles on their faces.  Summer night in Michigan are precious; and so are memories that will last forever.

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