Like the legendary Drifters’ song, on Saturday August 23, 2014 we we literally, Up On The Roof. Carl and I had the great fortune of being hired to play the second annual local pig roast for Special Olympics.  The house was beautiful, outside of Mt. Clemens Michigan, situated  on the banks of the Clinton River, with all the amenities anyone could ask for. However, they did throw one “curve-ball” our way when we asked them where we were supposed to set up and play for the evening . . . “On the roof.” was the reply from our wonderful hosts.  And, the only way to get our gear up there, was a small spiral staircase . . . Although we were taken aback at first; they produced a crew of “roadies”, and as soon as you could begin humming the “load out” from Jackson Browne, we were all set up and ready to make come magic As we mentioned, our hosts were friendly and more than accommodating.  The house was amazingly in tune to anything you could dream of to make your party a success, and the music was spot on. After a dizzying set of encores, it was time to pack up; and head down the spiral staircase.  (in the dark).  Good times.  Its fun being rock stars!   IMG_4513IMG_4512IMG_4516IMG_4517IMG_4522IMG_4525IMG_4535IMG_4536IMG_4537IMG_4538IMG_4540IMG_4542IMG_4543IMG_4544IMG_4545IMG_4546IMG_4547IMG_4548IMG_4549IMG_4555IMG_4559IMG_4560IMG_4562IMG_4565IMG_4570IMG_4572IMG_4575IMG_4577IMG_4578IMG_4579

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