It was another beautiful day on Friday, outside.  The temperature has been just perfect all week; with no end in sight.  We’ll take it, that’s for sure.

And, although the patio was filled early, it would get cool as the sun hid itself for the evening. Upstairs There was a rumor that the great Orbitsons were to entertain later; but for now it was quiet there too.

The real party on this night was inside the mouse house.  The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub is what I am referring to; thee destination in Mt. Clemens if you are looking to have dinner, an elusive drink or some good live entertainment.

Although the night for us was to begin at 9:00, we were notified when we arrived that we would start at 8:00.  Good news to us.  And, from now on, the acoustic entertainer would all begin at 7:00 and play until 11:00 for the winter hours. Beginning at 8:00 was just perfect on this night, as that is when the crowd was ready to settle in and enjoy some great songs, served to the liking.

We were blessed with the opportunity to enjoy meeting some new friends on this night;  something we really love about the Mouse.  Even better, was seeing some wonderful friends stopping by to share their evening with us. As I have said many times, it is the people that make the night when we get the chance to play.

Being able to play the songs that people want to hear is a wonderful thing.  Helping patrons relax, unwind and enjoy their time in the pub is very rewarding; and we feel in part that it is because of us. The night began slow, but unfolded nicely as it the crowd swelled to nearly overflowing.  Everyone singing, laughing and smiling. (even with the beloved Tigers getting walloped). There were people who had returned from as far away as Lake Orion to take part in the fun.

Upstairs eventually got hot.  Outside stayed cool; but the party inside the mouse never abated until the last song ended.  Great night!

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