As the temps begin to fall, and the days now get short; we opened our show at 9:00 this Friday. A departure from our comfortable 8:00 start time that we had be accustomed to for the better part of the last year. We will now begin our show an hour later, until we hear otherwise. Nine O’clock it is!

The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub was mostly full of happy patrons as we began our set on this beautiful Michigan evening. The Tigers had an important game on the TV, the food was creating an irresistible aroma that most of the patrons could not resist. Top that with any wine, liquor or ale that you could possibly ever imagine; and throw in great conversation and atmosphere for good measure. Now, you have the recipe for a truly enjoyable evening. (As long as we didn’t screw things up, it would be a win – win for everyone).

Well, I don’t think we did, as we had some great conversations throughout the evening, while entertaining new friends. One of the really enjoyable aspects of playing the “Mice” is the fact that most of the revelers are literally right on top of us. Tables are so close in the front, that we can actually rest our beer right on them. Having people be that close, gives us the chance to let them open up about what they love to hear. And that is good for everyone.

We never have a planned set list when we entertain. We might begin the set with a song or two in mind, but after that, we go where the music and the clientele takes us. Some times that’s good, some times its bad, but more times than not, it makes for an experience that everyone enjoys. When you get that instant feedback, as an entertainer, it really helps us do our job better. We want to do the best job that we can each and every week, and take great pride in doing so. We might not be that talented, but we always try and be as professional as we can. We hope that it shows.

The band upstairs sounded great as three guys blasted out the rock, to the delight of the upstairs crowd. All in all it was a good night for staff, musicians and lucky local patrons. As the fall is right around the bend, we are hoping for lots more to come . . .

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