It was a Friday night at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, with a clear agenda for fun, not fright.

With the first annual costume contest being held at 12:30 upstairs; there was many a creature stirring at the “Mouse”.  It mattered not if you were dressed in fur, feathers or lace; tonight was going to be your night to shine. (or slime, as the case may be).

The staff was into the event in fine fashion, showing skin, cloak or stinger, as customers poured in to kick things off even before the music began.

Everyone seemed into good spirits while settling down for an evening of melancholy and mischief.  There were flappers, monks, yellow jackets and our fair share of pretty princesses on display.  What a fun night to step out in your perfect disguise or alter-ego, as it were.

Carl and I played, while glasses were filled and ale was poured. All the while, enjoying the usual, (and un-usual), array of interesting costumes and cohorts.  The wait staff did an great job at dressing up to make a fun night, even more enjoyable.

Upstairs, there was music a different type of music filling the big stage, as a country the country band, Joey Vee had everyone scooting their boots to the two-step as we peeked in.

The costume of the night here, was simply a country hat and a smile.  It was another great night happening upstairs, with the usual good-natured vibe in the air, once again.

It will be tough to top all the costumes and creativity of this fun night; but we will try it all again on the 31st, as the actual night arrives next Friday, beginning for us, at 7:00 Pm.

So, all you ghouls and goblins with music in your twisted minds, scrap, slime or crawl your way to the Three Blind Mice Irish pub after Tricks or Treats, to see what is brewing for you and yours!

We will be waiting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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