Halloween arrived right on time this year as expected, but a Friday!

Looks like it was an extra special, party night for everyone, if only the weather would have cooperated.  However, it was cold, rainy and, well . . .  scary!

Not the good scary, but the cold miserable scary.  Lots of kids only went around the block as it was just too nasty for much else.  Looked like most everyone was snug in their beds by the time we were to play at the Three Blind Mice in Mt. Clemens.

But, take the stage we did.  And although there was a light turn-out, we did make some connections with patrons who were not disheartened by going out in the cold and rainy-ness.

Upstairs the Super Mario Brothers were rocking their fans, (in disguise).  Keeping everyone happy, engaged and entertained.  Music has just that kind of power.

Looks like we will return on November 21st, to bring our special blend of songs back to the Mice.  Hope you will all be there to welcome us with open ears.


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