Christmas time’s A-com’n!

That’s how we’ve begun each and every Bob and Carl Holiday Extravaganza for more than 20 years now.

The kids all know by now, upon hearing those fateful words, that the greatest kids’ show on Earth was about to begin.  What transpires next is an hour of the most fun a child can have.  Well, fun that doesn’t rot their teeth, that is.

They sing, they dance, they put on costumes of their favorite Christmas characters and for the most part . . . just enjoy the magic of being a kid at this time of year.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that school is nearly done until the next year pokes its’ head out of the snow.  Couple that together with a show where a child can interact with their friends, their teachers and even their principal, and still be wild and crazy; you’ve got the makings of one epic good time.

Having played all those years doesn’t mean that the show is stagnant of even a tired re-run of last year.  Our show is ever changing and growing.  There are of course, all the classic bits that have endured over the years.  So good that without them the kids would miss a great chance to see what has made the show so unique for so long.  Be the real testament to the show’s longevity is how due to Carls’ genius, the show always has new elements that keep it relevant and insightful.

This year for instance, the kids all got a crack at putting on their own television ad, in real time; using props and carefully selected sight gags.

But the true joy of these shows is not the crazy funny bits, costumes or even the songs themselves; the real joy of the show is seeing everything through their eyes.  Its the children, young and old that we are here for.  Its the wide-eyed wonder that we see reflected on their faces at every stop in our tour.

Take a look back now at our Bob and Carl Holiday Extravaganza, and see if you can envision the very spirit of the season, radiating from each and every happy child!


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