Good bye to 2014.

It was a very bittersweet last, Friday night show that we played recently at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens.  There were some wonderful memories of the past, first year for the new pub, and we didn’t really even have time to reflect on them.  It was just too damned busy!

Good thing for us.  Good thing for them too, as the night unfolded quickly after a slow first half hour.  It got busier and busier until it was busting at the seems.

Never a problem downstairs at the Mice.  And, upstairs was hoppin’ too.  Paper Cover’s Rock was cranking out the jams, while the dance floor sported all types of beautiful women.  Never a problem, as we see it.

It was a great night for all present.  The music was good the drinks were flowing and the vibe was happiness-on-a-IMG_7083 IMG_7076 IMG_7074 IMG_7073 IMG_7071 IMG_7055 IMG_7054 IMG_7051 IMG_7050 IMG_7049 IMG_7048 IMG_7046 IMG_7060 IMG_7062 IMG_7058 IMG_7069bar-stool, as it always should be.

We enjoyed playing many dates in 2014.  We began even before the Pub was technically open to the public.  We were there for the beginning, first year.  And, we sure look forward to being there for the next . . . .



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