. . . . But oh, so warm inside!

While the winter wind blew and raged outside last Friday night at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens; there was nothing but warm smiles and laughter to be found inside its inviting walls.

The music was the catalyst that seemed to transform a snowy, dismal night into a glowing beacon in the “Clem”.  People came in from the cold all night long, and never missed a beat frozen.  No worries, no angst, no regrets.

All evening, we met new patrons who smiled and communicated their enjoyment to us in one way or another.  Some shouted requests, some filled the tip jar, and some just smiled and sang along.  Happy patrons was everything we could ask for.

I think the very best part of the night for me was when a couple stopped us on our way out at 12:45 and went out of their way to tell us how much they enjoyed the show.  There is very little that comes close to the satisfaction that can come from people that go to those lengths to acknowledge our hard work; especially when the night had ended and were on their way home.  For them to stop and make a point to tell us how much they enjoyed us, is really heartwarming.

Upstairs Paper Covers Rock was doing what they do best – rocking! so that was good.  The floor was packed, even on a night such as this.

One great thing about The Mice is that they always have some top-notch entertainment. (not sure how we got in).  A lot of the time, Friday night boasts some amazing, high-engergy bands upstairs who know how to command the dance floor with an iron hand.

Many patrons come in on a Friday night, not even sure who was on the docket for that evening; but knowing whomever they were, they would not disappoint.

In the end, on a night like this; music was just the thing to warm and enhance the, cozy feeling that permeated the Three Blind Mice.  A warm, contented feeling will keep the people coming back in December, February or July.


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