Sometimes, your friends pull you through.

Friday night, Carl and I had the good fortune of enjoying an entire night of good friends, good drinks and good music.  (Ok, wait, it was our music, so well, you know . . . )

We were visited by some people that we haven’t seen in a long while; some that have become fans recently, and even some that we were surprised to have show up for the evening.  What a wonderful treat for us.

It is truly the fans and friends that keep us entertained and entertaining through the years; and we just cannot forget to thank them all.

We are lucky and we know it, to still be able to play our songs for our family, friends and fans.  So I am going to make certain that I thank everyone for being there.  We know its cold, and a bit of a pain to have to make that long drive.  But when people continue to show up smiling and making us feel needed, it keeps us going, through it all.

Carl and I often talk about how unkind this business can be, with all the pitfalls and disappointments that have befallen us; and how it is the people that make it ultimately worthwhile.  People do make a difference in how and if they percieve our efforts, just as in every avocation.  That being said, since we have never really been motivated by money, it is only in how we are appreciated that keeps us playing.

It was busy as usual at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mt. Clemens.  People were enjoying a warm night of good food and drinks when we began at seven.

Seven o’clock is also usually about when many people get up and leave after finishing their dinner.  However, on this night, many stayed to give us a chance at some after dinner singing.  I say that because, we do see lots of people singling along to our musical selections.  There is nothing more rewarding.

Upstairs was a new band, working very hard at filling the big shoes on the big stage.  Tin Scribble had their first go around at playing the Mice, and hopefully it was rewarding for them.  They were working very hard to fill the night and the room with some pulsating rock to be remembered.  While we watched, the sounds of classic Zepplin were being re-imagined by several gifted musicians.

It is a real treat to be able to go upstairs at the pub on any given night, and enjoy incredibly talented musicians, giving their all to entertain the patrons.  A real credit to the staff and owners of the this amazing establishment.

We have a week off now, and then we will return on a rare Saturday night at the Irish Mice.  It will probably still be cold, and winter and maybe even snowing; but we will be there.  And, hoping that our friends will come out and get us through another night; just as you always have.

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