A little different for us on a Saturday night at the “Mice”.

It began the same: Cold night, tromping’ through the snow to set up in front of the whiskey barrels.  The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub was packed to the walls before we even offered a note.

However, as of late, when we begin to play at 7:00, several of the tables who came to eat dinner; (and thought that maybe they would be blown out by the loud offensive music),  would get up and promptly exit.  Leaving us to start anew building the crowd up again; as they got comfortable with us and our sound.

And yet, on this night,(a Saturday; not our usual Friday night), no one got up to leave.  On the contrary, more and more people pored in; filling the tables to overflowing.  Kind of a nice problem to have.

Our first set, which on most nights would be a little more laid back, was anything but that on this night.  On the contrary; we rocked the house right out of the gate!

Carl had to keep telling me that it was only the first set, and to hold on .  . .

Well, we did make it through the night; and it even slowed a little at the midnight hour.  But, all-in-all it was a very good night.

Once again, we met some very nice patrons.  People who took time out of their night to stop us and offer kind words of thanks for helping them enjoy this bitter winter; if only for a brief night.

As always . . .  it is our great pleasure and privilege to share our talents with those who would seek out a way to stave off the cold, looming winter winds as long as they can.

See everyone on the 20th!  (Friday O’ Friday!)




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