Twice in the last month, Carl and I have played at the Three Blind Mice on Saturday night; and twice now, it has been epic!

Though slow to begin with; eventually this night rebounded quite nicely.  What we really enjoyed on this particular night was the fact that several tables arrived at 7:00, and stayed unit the very end.  Offering us the wonderful opportunity to get to know them along the way.  For us, that end came after midnight, to the raucous sounds of Neil Diamonds’ “Sweet Caroline”!

Ok, let’s rewind, shall we . . .

It was kind of slow at 6:30 as we set up our equipment in front of the statley whiskey barrels.  Although the early dinner time was winding down, there were actually some tables without patrons to fill them.  However, as you will see, that didn’t last very long.

Enter Guinness Blonde!

Just when things seems destined to be slow and sleepy; a beautiful girl and amazing gentleman from Guinness came to the rescue – (With Guinness Blonde in hand).

They were dispensing some of the new ale, in both samples and collectable glassware.

It has been my experience that a hot woman dispensing free beer pretty much gets everyone’s attention, and tonight was no exception.  While they poured, we played.  While they gave away free samples; we put our heart and soul into each and every song.  The formula worked!  Before we could even blink, the entire pub was packed and gyrating nicely.  Friends we smiling, patrons were laughing, and our new best friend, Lisa was playing a mean tambourine!

I can say one this for certain on this rollicking Saturday night; everyone who was there was having a great time.  So many people, so many happy faces; so many smiles.  We also recieved lots and lots of song advice, (which we loved).  And in the end, without fail every song seemed to fit, just right.

We met a great group of guys who not only helped us decide on what to play next; but also helped us sing along, just when we needed it most.  (which is pretty much always).

In addition, we met a trio of sailors from Selfridge who are currently stationed in Sicily; that took time off from protecting our freedom, to make sure everyone had a memorable time.

It was truly not another Saturday night; but another night of total enjoyment by everyone.  As always, we are looking forward to being right back there in two weeks to do it all again!


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Click HERE to listen to Bob and Carl’s second set from Saturday night!

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