Hey everyone,

We have been working hard to make a lot of improvements to the webpage that you may or may not have noticed.

Take a look:

  • Finally got the LISTEN LIVE page working.  Now you can listen to our latest show, if you happened to miss it.  Listen and let us know what you think.


  • Re-formatted all of our posts to look better than ever.  (Ok, you won’t really notice that one.  But I sure do!)

To all you Twitter-Heads! . . . .

  • Bob and Carl are now on TWITTER.  Not really sure why, but hey, we are dragging ourselves into the next digital age, wether we like it or not.  So, uhm, there is now a link, (that works) on our front page.  All you Twitter-files should tweet at us.  (or, in us. or around us, whatever it takes).


Past Events

While we performed our very first musical “gig” in the summer of 1972, we only began saving the information from those gigs in the 80’s.  We began recording most all of our shows in the 2000’s.  So, we have done a bit to archive our musical careers, so to speak.

  • What we have now on-line, is a link to not only our EVENTS page, but also, our PAST EVENTS.  By clicking one of our links, you can take a peak at the list of shows we did corresponding to that calendar year.  For now, we have every year listed beginning with 1991.  Hopefully soon, we will do our best to fill in the other dates, way back to the 70’s.


Please remember . . .
Everything we do, we do for you; our fans.  If there is some new feature or content you have seen; send us a link.  Give us a shout-out.  But, please tell us.  Fill out the form on this, or any page and lets us know.  Our fans have great ideas all the time for music or places to play, or just things in general.  Don’t hold back, now is your chance to share your valuable thoughts.

Ok, more improvements to come, I promise! . . .


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