. . . kinda sounds like a new Sci-Fi movie doesn’t it?

Nope, just another bob and Carl saga from the long road to Rock ‘N Roll . . .

Tired, hungry and more than a bit disappointed in the smaller-than-usual St. Paddy’s day throng that we had experienced so far on this day; Carl and I arrived at The Green Lantern Lounge in Clinton Township at around 3:30.

Everywhere we went beginning on Monday was for some reason much slower than we had experienced in past years; and the Lantern was no exception.

Undeterred and still optimistic, we sat down at the bar and waited to greet our long-time friend, Jewels.  No one has taken better care of us over the years than she.  First at the old Rosy O’Grady’s, (now Clancye’s), then Limelight in Rochester and for the last few years at The Green Lantern.

Jewels got us fed; (the pizza was incredible), told us where to set up and generally just made us feel welcome.  After lunch, which we really needed; we now had enough energy to take on the second half of our day.  All we needed was a group of St.Paddy’s day revelers to sing to. . .

At just about 5:30 when we were to begin, the lounge filled up quite nicely with the happy, smiling faces of the orange and the green.

The people who came that night to the Lantern sure made our entire day.  Friends, family and people who had no idea that they were going to be serenaded with Irish music, all banded together to make it an evening to remember.

Our great pal Jerry, his wife and friends were right up front.  Diane and the Taylors; and their friends were in the corner, and everyone else was milling about as the music got loader and louder.  I really can’t recall a show where there were more voices joining us for each chorus; but we loved it.

Each and every set got better and better, until the night culminated into a wonderfully-memorable group sing-a-long.  Just the way to usher-out another wonderful St. Paddy’s day celebration..


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