. . . . Ok, now that I have your attention; let me tell you about last Friday night at the Three Blind Mice, Irish Pub.

Coming right on the heels of Carl and I playing fourteen hours on St. Patrick’s day, we hoisted our guitars yet again at the Mice, beginning right after the dinner hour at seven.

A nice crowd was on hand to urge us on right out of the gate; and it was just what we needed. Running on fumes from the start of the week, it was now time to put it in gear and be the all American, entertaining dynamos that people have come to expect from seeing any Bob and Carl show. (no, really).

It was a good start, and with the people still filtering in at eight and nine, the pub really began to swell with that great vibe that permeates the first floor of our favorite gig on so many occasions.

From the start, we began interacting with some wonderful groups of girls, out for a memorable night on the town. Some professionals, some friends and some relatives all meshed together as the music broke down all barriers and boundaries. Everyone smiling and joking and enjoying the fun atmosphere that is generated when people want to leave their work-life at work, to just let it go somewhere fun and re-laaaaaaaaax!

The crowd was wonderful again, as they have been all winter.  And, now that spring is right around the corner, you can tell that people are even more excited about the warm weather, and the coming of all the good times that follow.

Requestes were flying fast and furious as Carl and I tried desperately to keep up.  As the hours flew by, I do believe that we got everyone’s favorite song sent out to them.  We received more than a few compliments, and along with those warm smiles; it was a quite fulfilling night for us both.

At just about ten o’clock, and the ceiling began to shake in earnest.  It was the band upstairs on the second floor making it shake.  Killer Vibe was in the house again, and as we say in the business . . . “They were Killin’ it!”

The three-man powerhouse dressed all in black were taking no prisoners with their brand of surging rock, as the guitar sang and the bass and drums built a steady, riveting beat that shook the Mouse to its’ rafters.

While Killer Vibe was belting it out; everyone on the dance floor as well as the packed house had one thing in common with that venerable rock legend, Dave Matthews . . . they were all “feel’n Alright!”

On most night patrons will come for dinner and stay for a set or two extra; they really didn’t plan to be there for the music, but eventually were overcome by the merriment and mirth.  But, on this particular night, many a table came early and stayed late.  Making our night just as enjoyable as theirs.


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