Yes, it was green.  The Sparties were poised and ready for another amazing run, until those pesky Blue Devils had something to say about it.  That all came to an end pretty quickly last night.  It was however, pretty great that they were there in the first place.

So when the morning came, and Easter finally arrived in Michigan, it was evident that green was no where to be found.  Just more white.  Yes, mother winter was doing all that she could to hold on to her mantle of white if only for one more show of her power.

But while the Spartans learned that they had to wait until next year, our Red Wings showed that they were still a team to be reckoned with.  To no ones’ surprise, when they get good goaltending, they can compete with anyone.

Why am I giving you the morning sports-cast, you might be thinking?  Because just as our music is made up of everything around us, so too are we part of sports in this town.

In Michigan, no matter where you are from, you have a favorite sports team.  Rooting for your team is a birthright that gets you through the tough time; the cold winter nights and the long lazy days of a hot, sweltering summer.

When we entertain, we are part of what is going around us; always.  We take in what the crowd is collectively doing and thinking.  And, when there is a game on, you can feel the tension and nervousness in the air.

People are polite and patient with us, to be sure.  But, they watch the game.  Or, they stay home and have a party with their friends, hoping for a reason to celebrate their team.

Beginning on a Saturday night in Clinton Twp., we began at 8:30, at the Green Lantern Lounge during the second half of the basketball game.  Unfortunately for the Michigan State fans, it was more a beat-down than a benediction.  However, Carl and I were there to feel everyone’s pain.  The crowd was small, but very cordial.  We had many interactions with them.  To our credit, I must say, that we played nearly every request that they could offer.  Many thanks to Nick, Josh and Ashley.  They all took time to make us feel welcome and very much at home.

Even when the game ended, (badly for the green), no one seemed to be attempting to drown their sorrows in evil alcohol.  There were more smiles and laughter.  I think that most people never really expected State to go to the finals; but were appreciative of how well they represented their fans.

We played and they listened.  Even between bites of scrumptious pizza and pasta, patrons were in a great mood.  So when the Red Wing game finished tied and went to over-time, you could see people’s attention focused on their team.  And, when the overtime produced no winner, it was time for a dreaded shoot-out.

With everyone watching the small glowing monitors, like nervous as ex-patriots awaiting the guillotine’s blade; the Wings stood tall at the gates tonight.  In the end, they gave the crowd something to be happy about.

I am writing this to give you a little window into the dynamic that is entertaining.  For no matter what songs we sing, or how perfect we hit the notes; we are merely part of the big picture.  We play music from the sound-track of peoples’ lives.

Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we hit a familiar chord with the working class heroes, with the super-moms, with the family men or the long-suffering sports fans.  Not only with those who listen, but with the patrons who gather together to quell their nervousness by just being around other fans.

Sparty took it on the chin last night, but he will return.  It will be green again.  Though the boys of winter seem ready to make their annual run, the white stuff will be all but a frozen memory come tomorrow.

And as for Carl and I . . .

. . . we will continue to play the songs forever span the decades.  The music that connects our good times and bad.

The green is not gone around here; it is just now awaking to  song.


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