. . . By now, you might be saying to yourself, “What happened to those guys?”



Professional falling out?

Un-professional, falling down?

Well, call off the hounds, it was a planned musical break for your heroes.

Yes, Carl has been doing some much needed globe-trotting, and I have been spending time getting our musical “house” in order.

The transition month of May will find Carl and I heading in different directions.

Carl spent last weekend in the great state of Kentucky, taking in among other things, The Kentucky Derby. And a lot of bourbon, I’m sure.   (I’ll bet about now you are trying to picture him in one of those big, floppy hats, right?).                ………………..You’re welcome!

The very next leg of his sojourn will be across the “pond”, to the birth off the Beatles; Merry Olde England.  He and his lovely bride will be taking in the sights and sounds of Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.  (I’m sure about now you’re thinking . . . damn it, why didn’t he take me?!^&^%#*0!).  Spoiler alert: HE’S SELFISH!!!

Ok, well, not sure if I should mention that from there, he will be going to the “City of light” . . . Paris, France!   I bet he will be seeing all the parasites:  The Champs-Élysées, The Arc d’Triumph, The free kin’ Eiffel Tower?

Ring any bells?

Well, move over Quasi-Modo, the better half of the legendary Bob and Carl will be in the house!

I told him to make sure he dines on some of the legendary French cuisine . . . like French Fries and omelets.  And, to make certain he eats at that place where the mouse does the cookin’. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I bet he will come back, even ruder than usual, hanging around those French guys.  Maybe he will visit the grave of Jim Morrison.  The possibilities are truly endless.

After that, he mumbled about being somewhere else, doing something, with somebody; but to tell you the truth, after the first three places he bragged about going to, I just rolled my eyes and tuned him out, like I usually do.

As for me . . .

(I know you really don’t care; but I have been trying to accomplish some things behind the scenes that need to be done for our web-site and music careers.

I am trying to contact people about our original music, and pursuing some things that will help us down the road.

Sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it?

Also, the month of May means my traditional golf pilgrimage to Augusta Michigan, to play the legendary links of Gull Lake View.  Too bad our life-long friend, Glenn will not be joining me this year, due to injury.  I will spend nearly an entire week, chasing a small white ball down an even smaller hole.

Well, our first gig to officially kick off the summer season will be on memorial day at Great Oaks Country Club.  A tradition that has spanned decades.  Nothing says summer like the smell of ribs, burgers and dogs; and suntan lotion on the upper crust.

We hope to be in your neck of the woods this summer, so I will certainly keep you posted, with pictures, music and the occasional video.

Until then, thanks for looking in; we miss you too!



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