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Sponge to Host SPONGE O THON at Three Blind Mice Pub in Mt. Clemens

From The Macomb Daily:

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Sponge, musical hitmakers from the 1990s will play host to the first ever “Sponge-O-Thon” on Wednesday June 4 at Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, located at 10 North Main Street, in Mount Clemens.

Inspired by the legendary Jerry Lewis Telethon, Sponge’s event will run from 6 pm to midnight and feature live performances by the band, plus special guests including snake wielding belly dancer Shetan Noir. Admission is free and ages 18 and over are welcome to attend.

Fans can steam the live webcast of Sponge-O-Thon using this link: Three Blind Mice Live Link

Sponge-O-Thon will raise funds for the band’s PledgeMusic campaign which finances the band’s summer tour, in addition to partially benefiting Michigan-based charity Eastside Teen Outreach.
Ending on June 11, Sponge’s 90-day PledgeMusic campaign offers exclusive premiums in exchange for pledges. Premiums range from autographed copies of Sponge’s soon-to-be-released “Rotting Alive” CD (a live recording of the band’s classic Rotting Piñata record) to an opportunity to record a song with Sponge. Other highlights include private in-home shows, handwritten lyrics, videotaped music dedications, guitar lessons and even a personal guitar smashing on stage.

“We thought the Sponge-O-Thon would be a fun way to bring the PledgeMusic campaign to a close,” explained Sponge’s lead singer Vinnie Dombroski. “We’ll be performing acoustic versions of almost every song in the Sponge catalog, in addition to hosting some fantastic special guests.” He added.

To Pledge visit: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/sponge

Hailing from Detroit, Sponge gained widespread notoriety with their debut album “Rotting Piñata.” Hits like “Plowed” and “Molly (16 Candles)” fueled massive airplay on radio stations from coast to coast and were in heavy rotation on MTV in the late 90s. After “Rotting Piñata” went gold, the band toured internationally, and followed up with the critically lauded CD “Wax Ecstatic,” garnering additional hits “Wax Ecstatic” and “Have You Seen Mary?”

Sponge continued to tour nightclubs and festivals including Lollapalooza, and most recently, the wildly successful Summerland Tour with Everclear, Filter and Live. In late 2013, Sponge inked a deal with New York’s The End Records (Danzig, H.I.M.), unleashing their seventh studio release “Stop the Bleeding,” now available on Itunes, Amazon.com and Cdbaby.com

Sponge is celebrating 20 years of Detroit rock ‘n’ roll and continuing their legacy via PledgeMusic. For a video retrospective of the band visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e-AxzcbZHI

For more on Sponge please visit their official web site spongetheband.com and facebook.com.com/spongerocks.

Where Are They Now?

. . . By now, you might be saying to yourself, “What happened to those guys?”



Professional falling out?

Un-professional, falling down?

Well, call off the hounds, it was a planned musical break for your heroes.

Yes, Carl has been doing some much needed globe-trotting, and I have been spending time getting our musical “house” in order.

The transition month of May will find Carl and I heading in different directions.

Carl spent last weekend in the great state of Kentucky, taking in among other things, The Kentucky Derby. And a lot of bourbon, I’m sure.   (I’ll bet about now you are trying to picture him in one of those big, floppy hats, right?).                ………………..You’re welcome!

The very next leg of his sojourn will be across the “pond”, to the birth off the Beatles; Merry Olde England.  He and his lovely bride will be taking in the sights and sounds of Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.  (I’m sure about now you’re thinking . . . damn it, why didn’t he take me?!^&^%#*0!).  Spoiler alert: HE’S SELFISH!!!

Ok, well, not sure if I should mention that from there, he will be going to the “City of light” . . . Paris, France!   I bet he will be seeing all the parasites:  The Champs-Élysées, The Arc d’Triumph, The free kin’ Eiffel Tower?

Ring any bells?

Well, move over Quasi-Modo, the better half of the legendary Bob and Carl will be in the house!

I told him to make sure he dines on some of the legendary French cuisine . . . like French Fries and omelets.  And, to make certain he eats at that place where the mouse does the cookin’. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I bet he will come back, even ruder than usual, hanging around those French guys.  Maybe he will visit the grave of Jim Morrison.  The possibilities are truly endless.

After that, he mumbled about being somewhere else, doing something, with somebody; but to tell you the truth, after the first three places he bragged about going to, I just rolled my eyes and tuned him out, like I usually do.

As for me . . .

(I know you really don’t care; but I have been trying to accomplish some things behind the scenes that need to be done for our web-site and music careers.

I am trying to contact people about our original music, and pursuing some things that will help us down the road.

Sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it?

Also, the month of May means my traditional golf pilgrimage to Augusta Michigan, to play the legendary links of Gull Lake View.  Too bad our life-long friend, Glenn will not be joining me this year, due to injury.  I will spend nearly an entire week, chasing a small white ball down an even smaller hole.

Well, our first gig to officially kick off the summer season will be on memorial day at Great Oaks Country Club.  A tradition that has spanned decades.  Nothing says summer like the smell of ribs, burgers and dogs; and suntan lotion on the upper crust.

We hope to be in your neck of the woods this summer, so I will certainly keep you posted, with pictures, music and the occasional video.

Until then, thanks for looking in; we miss you too!



Our Rite Of Spring!

Looking outside, you might have already noticed that the weather has broken and winter has lost its’ icy grip on our psyche.  Another sure sign would be the annual Bob and Carl St. Patrick’s Day show that is only a few days away.

For many years now, we have begun the day at Clancy’s Irish Pub in Clinton Twp., and this year is no exception.  There are many traditions that we have enjoyed throughout our musical careers, but none more rewarding or enduring as our annual rite of spring – St. Patrick’s Day.  Carl and I have been at Clancy’s for more than twenty years; (since it was Rosy O’Grady’s, actually).  Vince treats us like royalty, the weight staff is awesome and there is usually something fun going on.  This year, as in years past, we will usher in the the big day beginning on the night before.

We began playing Irish music back in the early 80’s to satisfy the bar owner we were playing for. (The Wooden Nickel).  We performed that year by playing ten songs throughout the evening.  These days, there are over a hundred Irish tunes, songs, fables and toasts in our repertoire; and still expanding.

Each year, even before the rising of the sun, we are poised and ready to take on the unique challenges of the day. There are smiles, laughter and good feelings by most everyone we come in contact with.  Its not an easy day; as we play most years in excess of ten hours.  Sometimes we have played three venues on the same day; and once, entertained for twenty-two hours!  However, we would not give up the experience easily, if we didn’t have to.

Last year we had the incredible experience of being live on tv.  We were Live In The D, with Karen Drew and Guy Gordon.  Check out the video and maybe it will get you into the mood early!


We were there a few years ago when they opened, and we will return on Tuesday to start again, right where we left off.  The Green lantern, in Fraser has invited us to help them celebrate “The wearing’ O’ the Green”, as no other place can.

Everyone at the Lantern will be doing all that they can to turn this years St. Pat’s into a tradition for years to come.  Come on by and show is your green!  (or, anything else you might want to show us).

Here is the schedule or 2015:

Monday March 16, 2015 – Clancy’s Irish Pub – 6:00 – 9:00 Pm

Tuesday March 17, 2015 – Clancy’s Irish Pub – 8:00 Am – 2:00 Pm

Tuesday March 17, 2015 – The Green Lantern – 5:30 Pm – 10:00 Pm


Maybe this will tide you over until the big day arrives . . .
Click on this link to download and listen to Irish Hearts, our very own record that we uploaded just for you.  Everyone has a favorite Irish tune, and chances are, yours is included here.

irish-hearts-coverWhy not send us a note to let us know what you think, after you enjoy the music!


Let’s Switch

Weekends at the Three Blind Mice, in Mount Clemens Michigan are simply the best.  Really doesn’t matter if it Friday, or Saturday.  And, from what I hear, the Sunday brunch is amazing too.

So when we got the call about this weekend, to switch from Friday night to Saturday, we were not disappointed in the least.  They are both good.  For years Carl and I have worked Friday nights at most places.  It just seems to suit us.  I think that we have always felt a more symbiotic relationship with Fridays, because we were both “working men”.

Fridays to us have always been about working hard, playing hard and enjoying hard. The people that come in, always seem to be trying to shake off the mantle of the long work-week.  They have labored un mercilessly, and now were ready to be entertained and unwound.

We get that.  We admire that.

That has always been what we have been about.  We never play to show off; or to try and impress.  We are there to help people relax, re-new and replenish.

On Friday night this weekend, the “Mice” will welcome back our great friend Shelby Hansen to the lower level.  Always entertaining, always talented, ALWAYS unpredictable.

Friday night will be amazing, for sure.

And, we will be there Saturday night.  We played a few weekends ago on a  Saturday night, and it was very, very memorable.  A good time to be had by everyone.

We are looking forward to a fun night, so mark your calendars.  (Ok, re-mark your calendars then). Sheesh.

Cya at the Mice!



Upcoming Dates

The new show dates for 2015 are in, and we are passing them on to you.  Most are Friday nights at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

It is really great to be one of the house bands in this wonderful establishment, and we are delighted to have been asked back for the new year.

Please come by and spend an evening with us; you won’t regret it!


Friday, January 9
Friday, January 23
Saturday, February 7
Friday, February 20
Friday, March 6
Friday, March 20
Friday, April 10

Friday, April 24 – Annual Alpena Policeman’s Ball

(Also look for us on March 17, St. Paddy’s Day!)


Friday Night Show Added

Looks like we will be back on Friday night, December 12th at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

Show time will be 7:00, so you want to have a table and not miss any of the fun.  Its a great time of the year for just relaxing, eating and sampling the hundreds of choices available behind the bar.

Hope to see you on the 12th.  We will make certain to post how the night went.  Who knows, you might even be in a picture that you will someday feel the need to deny.  (and it won’t even be Vegas!)


See You Soon

Fans of the Bob and Carl musical experience will need to wait a few weeks for us to return to the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens.  But don’t despair,  as we will return on Friday, November 21st.

We have played for an entire year now, and we will be rotating with other action different nights in the future.  Please stop by and support any of the great acts that will be appearing in the mean time.

Should be a great night upon or return, so mark your calendars and make sure you have a reliable sitter, as it will be an evening to remember.

And to those of you that might “pop” by on a Friday night when we are not in the house; make certain you tell them that you missed us.  It is always good to hear for our happy fans.


They’re BBBBBBack!!!!

After one long Friday night without us . . . . . . .                  we’re back!

At the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub that is.  Although it was only one Friday night we missed, it seems like more than that.  So, just like a bad case of jungle rot; we’ll be back!

The big excitement this particular Friday night will be the huge, Three Blind Mice Halloween Party.  Things will get a little scarier than they usually are, since there will even be a costume contest, complete with $100 top prize!

Looks like there will be plenty of horror coming your way this weekend.  (and, this time, its not going to be just the Lions and Tigers!)

Scare you there!


Lucky Seven!

Friday’s this fall still mean that we are looking forward to entertaining at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens, Michigan.  And you know, that is a wonderful thing.  Each and every Friday gives us the opportunity to play for friends, family and new patrons.  Something that we enjoy more than most things.

As the summer slips away and fall grabs our attention with its incredible color and character, we will be beginning our shows at the Mice starting at 7:00 pm, and finishing at 11:00 or, when the crowd winds down.

This will allow people that wish to have dinner sooner, a chance to listen to us as the sun sets earlier and earlier into the evening.  The Three Blind Mice is such a wonderful place to entertain, because the intimate atmosphere is perfect for interacting with the audience.   The atmosphere is totally relaxing and unpretentious.  Happy people become even happier as the food, drink and music weave a tapestry of enjoyment that must be experienced to believe.

“Let’s begin at seven, shall we?”

See you there!