. . . apparently, no one.

That was the reality last Memorial day at Great Oaks country Club, in Rochester Michigan.

What began as a beautiful day, turned ugly, as the weather often does here in Michigan.  And, it happens very, very quickly.  So quickly in fact; that it barely give us time to stop playing and cover our equipment.  Just one more of the enjoyable aspects of being, “rock stars”.

Right after our second set was finishing, the sky opened up on Carl and I before we could hardly unplug our guitars.  Since we were playing under a canopy, we now had to lung for the tarps that have protected us through many “iffy” shows, since the 80’s.

Grabbing them, holding on tight and saving the expensive gear was our goal.  The good news was that most everything remained unscathed from the torrential down-pour.  Only one guitar was knocked over, and some camera gear was soaked.  All-in-all, no big deal.

So, just like that, the rain pummeled us; and just like that, the sun came back out.

To the credit of most everyone who attended the first big outdoor bash at Great Oaks, everyone stayed to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  We wiped off our gear and serenaded the crowd with a spirited version of that immortal Creedence anthem: “who’ll Stop The Rain”!

Many members sought us out after the show and thanked us for the great music.  Music to our ears!


IMG_8313 IMG_8316



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