Most cities in our wonderful state of Michigan offer their residents free concert series throughout each summer.  Carl and I have been lucky to be a part of many of them.

Several cities have had us entertaining their residents for decades now.  Among them is the fine city of Eastpointe.

We have had a long and storied history of playing in Eastpointe Michigan.  In fact, back in the 80’s when we first started, (with The Boys), we would play in Kennedy Park150_1.

It was a wonderful, warm, family-friendly venue, that was both cozy and eclectic.  The concerts there were more intimate and un-pretentious, as well as fun.  People were, right on top of us as we played.  Casual and friendly people enjoying rock n’ roll as the summer engrained those lazy days into our memories.

In the 90’s, we moved from Kennedy Park, to spindler Park.  A casual, picnic type venue jumped to a more “formalB & C 007” concert look and feel.  We played on the show-mobile that was provided for us, to a usual crowd of hundreds if not thousands.

Many a wonderful night was spent watching those happy revelers dance and play to the music of both Bob and Carl, as well as The Boys.

We have even given a few concerts at the B & C 005.  Those were great shows!

There was a time, as the economy tanked, that many cities could not allocate monies for concerts-in-the-park music.  The arts are usually what is cut first.  So for a few years, there was no funding, and no music.

Eastpointe however, has brought back it’s music series, with only the venue changed from years past.

Its a new location, a new vibe and a new opportunity for us.  Once again this year, we have kicked off the concert series with a performance that was partially hampered by the weather.  Since we didn’t even know up until about 30 minutes before we were to play if we were going to be inside or outside, you could only imagine what the concert-goers were thinking.  Although the venue had provided a dry place for us to play inside, we waiting until the final storms moved through, and had a wonderful night.

IMG_8330The storm passed, the lawn chairs popped up, and the Eastpointe Summer Concert Series was off to a flying start!

We hope to be included in the program next year, as it is always a delight to be asked to entertain in Eastpointe.  Watch your summer schedules, and by all means, support the other acts on the calendar.



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