Friday night at eight was the unofficial beginning of our summer schedule at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

The days are longer now, and so are the amazing nights. People dine later, and thus the later start. The time might have been an hour later than usual, but to us, the venue was just as comfortable as ever.

The Mice still felt like . . . home.

After taking care of some unforeseen technical difficulties, we had a moment to notice all the new faces at the pub. There might have been some new employees on this night, but the service and attention to the customers was still at the highest level, as usual. We have come to expect no less over the last couple years.

Kicking off our first set allowed us to relax and stretch our musical wings; playing some songs that don’t usually get much attention or coverage. In the right setting, an oft underplayed song can be just the perfect way to connect to patrons who have never experienced us.

To be honest; everything that we do revolves around our music.

It is the reason that we do what we do, after all of these years. Our music is how we communicate to our audience. It conveys so many things that we could not do on our own.

The music is the message, at any show. (You would be surprised at how many big stars forget that fact, later in their careers.). The music brings people together. It “speaks” to them in ways that many times, people cannot.

Our first set was quite enjoyable with lots of energy being drawn from the small but lively crowd. During the second set, we might have set a record for playing requests for a single table. That really makes things fun when the audience is so engaged.

After the first few sets, the crowd lessoned, but eventually picked back up at the end of the night. We met many new friends, (one thing we really enjoy), saw some old ones, and sounded pretty good for two guys that have been away for six weeks.

All in all, our first night back was a success. As always, we hope to build on it, with new music and greater dedication as the summer unfolds.


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