Summertime at the Three Blind Mice in Mt. Clemens, Michigan has been a great time to stop in, drink an ale and hear a song or two.

We played to a good crowd, filled with patrons and summer-revelers that seemed to enjoy each melody.  (Ok, it was the ale, but we can understand that).

Inside, by the barrels is where we have been hiding from the malicious sun, this summer.  On this night, it was no different.

Although it was beautiful outside, the patio has been the home of the resident Dj this year. It gets cold most night, and you can never tell what this crazy Michigan weather will do.

So, we play inside; which is perfect for us.  We can concentrate on the music, and not have to worry about the elements.

So in that spirit, we pretty much enjoyed everything on this night.  Good song, good drink and wonderful friends that gave us the inspiration to play the music of our lives.

I have mentioned before that in Michigan, in the summer, there are so many choices  for entertainment.  So many things to do or places to go.  When people make the choice of visiting our show, it is a great compliment to us and the establishment where we entertain.

We played any, many requests on this night, which always makes us feel wonderful.  To be able to channel those musical memories for people is one of the main reasons that we still are playing, after all these years.  Guess it makes us feel appreciated.

We will  play the Mice again soon, so please come by and share the evening with us.  No matter what weather awaits you.

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