Old Friends . . .

         “Time it was and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, a time of confidence”

                                                                                                                            Paul Simon


Some things seem never to change. They fit together like one of life’s familiar puzzles; all the pieces in the right order. And when it is ever put back together; it creates that wonderful harmony that results in a something that can withstand being taken apart, only to be truly classic in its reconnection.

So it was last Friday night that the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

After playing our first set, the doors opened, and in walked some of our oldest, most talented musical friends from the past: Wayne Baraks and Adam Allen. Two of the finest musicians that the Metro-Detroit area has ever produced. (And, that is saying a lot!)

Adam and Wayne go way back with us. Wayne, since he began playing with Adam, after his amazing stint with Rare Earth; and Adam, since the seventies when we ruled the stages of Algonac with Sanctuary.

Adam is without question, the most talented guitar player that we have ever had the privilege to hear. He can play any style of music. He can sing, and knows nearly any song that can be mentioned. (since he has probably either player it or taught it at one time or another).

Adam even toured with one of the legendary bands of the rock & roll musical pantheon; Badfinger. We pretty much grew up together, and have kept in touch over the last forty years. Not too many artists can or are still doing what he has done; and for that, we are still in awe.

With Adam and Wayne in the house, we thought that maybe we could get them up to entertain. (even after they had already played their own gig that evening). As luck would have it, they agreed.

They played a wonderful set, acoustically, with both Adam and Wayne taking turns at the mic.

Listening to such great music, it was only a matter of time before I joining in, singing back-up vocals.

After finishing their set, Carl replaced Wayne, and we were jamming again before you knew it!

 Listen in on the last set of the night, when
Adam and wayne sat in and brought the house down!

                                                                                   Adam Alan, Wayne Baraks with Bob & Carl

It was a great evening. We got to spend some time getting to know Adam and Wayne’s find Bobbie, who took several pictures of the “happening” (That’s what they used to call those spontaneous musical events back in the sixties!)

There was even one incredibly fun couple there who offered suggestion after suggestion on what we should play. Great suggestions, all! Great fun!

It was a very memorable night for us; for the patrons and hopefully for Adam and Wayne. We wish them well. We hope that you check them out in concert, and most of all, we hope to see them again soon!

There are a reason that we fit together so well musically . . . most of our pieces have been etched over the long process of time. The music might be considered old by today’s standards; but there is no doubt that the music is classic.

Classic music, old friends.


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