It takes more than sauce, cheese and dough to build a great pizza.  Much more.

It takes good people.  Dedicated, hard-working and thoughtful people.

It takes the kind of people that own and run The Green Lantern Pizzeria, in Clinton Township, Michigan.

On Saturday, August 22, we had the opportunity to entertain the happy customers at the Fraser, lantern.  As 8:30 approached, the establishment was filled with diners; enjoying their favorite pizza pies.  It was our job to persuade them to stay, have some drinks and enjoy the music.

Carl and I had played there a few times before; always to a great reception.  Now, months later, they switched up the music location.  Previously, we had entertained in the big dining room.  However, on this night, we have been moved to the lounge area.

I will say this: the lunge area is perfect for us.  The acoustics were wonderful.  It nearly made us sound good!

The good people at the Lantern are doing all that they can to establish entertainment for their many customers.

It has been all summer now that they have had some of the best bands and artists in the city entertaining at this location.  They want their restaurant to be a “destination“, not merely a location.  We are confident that it will happen over time.

On this night, for instance, the setting was perfect for a great evening to be had by anyone and everyone.  The weather was picture perfect for doing just about anything that you wanted to do.

The problem with that was . . .  most people didn’t want to be inside doing it.  It was slow.  Knowing that summer was coming to an end was on most people’s minds; and it showed.

As the weather gets colder and darker, customers will come inside to be part of the great entertainment that is offered at this local.

As it was, we did meet some very nice, warm people on Saturday night.  An entire table that stayed for hours and enjoyed nearly every song we played.  That was very rewarding, to say the least.

The staff is always to friendly and kind; none better anywhere.  We hope that the next opportunity for us to entertain at the Green Lantern will be even more popular with the customers than the ever.

To build a great pizza, it takes a lot of things to be done right.  To build an pizza franchise, it takes even more ingredients added, over time.  The Green Lantern is on its’ way.  Carl and I are proud to be a part of the journey.

See you on Saturday!


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