The calendar might say August 27th, but the thermometer says fall is coming.  Not to worry; there is still more summer-like weather on the way.  (We hope!)

On this August night however, fall was here to visit; if only for a day or two.  Good thing, as      we aren’t willing to give in, just yet.

On a rare Thursday night appearance, Carl and I set up at Bumper’s Landing around five O’clock for the evening ahead.  A night primarily hoping to raise funds for the Special Olympics through an exciting Jack-Of-Hearts raffle.

We started singing at six, to a great group of hearty boaters who just happened to be willing to brave the elements, (including our music), while sampling some of Bumpers’ best adult beverages.

It was cool.  In the high sixties.  But the music was warming people up.  Halfway into the first set, the birthday boy arrived!

Well, it was Sam’s birthday. (who knew?)

Actually, there was a great group of people who were there to celebrate Sam getting older.  We sang, they enjoyed.  It was a good night for everyone out on the landing.

DJ Jimmy and his parents helped us decide what the crowd wanted to hear; and we did our very best to satisfy them.

Boaters love Jimmy Buffett music, or course.  And Kenny Chesney, etc.  But we really never imagined the reception that country music got when we played it for them.  They loved it!

On this night, it was no exception, as we fielded plenty of requests for country music of every ilk.

As night descended on the water, the birthday party was in full flight.  The lights were out and as boaters began to head out, we played our last song.

Everyone left happy; filled with food, drink and music.  And, hopefully heeding the calendars’ warning. . .

Summer is nearly gone.  Let it fall.


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