They were ready and raring to go.  The crowd at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, that is.  And so when Carl and I took the stage at eight o’clock, we almost had to catch up with them so that we didn’t get caught in the undertow.

Right out of the gate the pub was full, with more people waiting for tables.  (always a good thing).

So we launched into the “A set” without even giving it a second thought.  What do I mean by the term, “A set” you might ask?

Ahhh, well those are the songs that people really connect to; sing along with and associate with a legendary party, or good times.

Yeah, those songs.  We played and sang them early on this night.  Most times we try and easy into the night.  Start out slow with more listening music.  Establish some ground rules, so to speak.

Not on this night.  They were chomping at the bit to go all out.  There was a birthday party Hell bent on having a good time.  (as it should be).  Well, who were we to get in their way.

And have a good time, they did.  They started out small but grew as the evening began to unfold.  Singing and laughing and selfie-ing!

Meanwhile, upstairs another great band was setting up.  They had a huge crowd who seemed to adore them, as well they should.  They were called Back Track, and they played all the great music of the eighties.  Good sound, and they really had the crowd entertained from what Carl and I could see.

As the night progressed downstairs, it seems to grow to a fever pitch right up until the witching hour.  When midnight arrived, the crowd departed, nearly in unison.

Interesting . . . .

So for our last set; (well technically, we had already played our last set.  We play five hours, unlike any other band), we canvased the few patrons at the bar to tell us what they might wish to hear.

Their answer was an interesting one: they turned it right around and asked us to play, “The music they YOU enjoy playing”.

Hmmmmmmmm . . .

Well, that was music to our ears, so to speak.  And so we did.  For our very last set of the night, we played the songs that we enjoyed doing, but don’t play much.

From musicians that we like, but maybe aren’t known in the mainstream of popular music.  Jackson Browne, Steve Earl, Wallflowers, etc . . . .

The night ended with some very pleased patrons.  The party was still going on, (upstairs . . . ).

We finished on a high, quiet note.  And for another fews weeks, the legend of Bob and Carl will echo through Mount Clemens.


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