svg_bat_halloween-1969pxRight from the start, we could tell that it was going to be an interesting evening.  There was something in the air, you might say . . .  (Ok, bats, vampires spooks and spook-ettes!)

Yep, it was nearly Halloween night; and all through the pub, every creature seemed to be stirring . . . their drinks!

Or partying or boogying.imp

All right, no one boogies any more.  With the possible exception of the Boogey man.  On this particular right, almost anything and everything seemed to go.  Men dressed as women, women dressed as men, or beasts or um, I’m not really sure . . .

What I do know is that when we began or first song, the crowd already seemed engaged and involved.  All the patrons of every phylum were shouting out song requests at a ravenous pace.

We did Irish, country, soul, folk and Motown, and still they were hungry for more.

After the very first break; well into the night, Carl and I had some time to chat with the customers and pick their zombie brains for more requests.

With a devilish look in her eye, one of the young “flappers”, begged for some Johnny Cash.  (along with Cat Stevens, Garth Brooks, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Led Zeppelin). Nothing makes us happier than to fill those requests as soon as we possibly can.

As far as our three eyes could see, there were some amazing creatures, costumes and props on display.  And when I ventured upstairs to peruse that throng, it was even more evident that so many of the Three Blind mice’s patrons, go all-out on a night like this.

Paper Covers Rock was on the main stage, whipping them all into an ghoulish blood-bath of festering frivolity.


Around midnight, there was a costume contest that had everyone on pins and daggers to see what misanthrope would win.  In the end, the top three were nominated and called to the stage for a final  vote.

While Woody, Jessie and Freddy Kruger were pretty good; it was the three visually challenged mice who won our hearts and the gift certificate.

Nothing could have been more fitting.  Possibly it was what swayed the judges in their mousey favor.

Carl and I were asked several times if we were in fact, real doctors.  (Although we have played them on occasion in the past).

It was an interesting night, to be sure.  Exhausting, but interesting.  Upstairs was packed.  Downstairs was engorged as well.

We survived, in the end.  Satysfied that we had given our hearts and souls to keep the dead at bay for another year.halloween-creepy-hand-appearing-from-under-the-soil_318-30235



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