On Friday, Carl and I unofficially began the holiday season by playing the first in what would be several celebrations.  (When we play a Christmas song, it must be time to celebrate!)

This year the kick-off began at  Penna’s hall on Van Dyke, in beautiful Sterling Heights Michigan. For us it was a repeat performance, as we were right in this same spot a few ago, beginning that holiday season.  We must have made a good memory for their company, because here we were again, sandwiched between the DJ and the gambling tables.

It was the type of gig where we were to add the flavor of the season, by throwing in a few Christmas songs between the country, Island and classic rock.  All good.

The people were dressed nicely and very kind to us after we played our one set.  By then, we had warmed everyone up with the spirit of the season, in musical fashion.

It was the perfect beginning to a holiday that seemed more like Halloween temperatures than New Years.  Here in Michigan, it only seems like Christmas when there is snow on the ground.  Adding the songs of the season was our way of bringing back those classic memories of all years past; snow or no snow.

Done by eight O’clock, we were gone in a flash, and ready to take our next step in this holiday cavalcade of music.

But that would be another night.


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